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Forrest Richardson is the author of four books on golf course architecture.

Course Brains
This little book allows golf course operators and club members to gauge their course's I.Q. through a series of 25 topics. After several years of meeting with course operators and clubs, Forrest Richardson devised this clever way to stimulating discussion and finding ways to make positive change. The book facilitates ways to stimulate revenue and get a handle on operating costs. "A common theme in operating a golf course today is balancing the asset with the need to reduce cost and increase revenue," notes Richardson. Course Brains is a program designed to stimulate thinking that leads to positive change. A popular use of the book is to organize group workshops where management and leaders in a club or operation all partake in taking the test to gauge how they feel the entire golf course stacks up in terms of a course I.Q. Forrest Richardson also conducts workshops using the Course Brains format. Each participant is given the book as part of the program. For information on scheduling a Course Brains workshop, click here.

Routing the Golf Course
A reference work surrounding the art of routing golf courses. Routing is the basis for all golf course design. This book covers the history of golf, golf courses, and ultimately looks deep into all of the aspects of routing. Topics covered include site selection, psychology, safety, and presentation of plans. Hardbound, 528 pages.

Bunkers, Pits & Other Hazards
Co-written with Mark K. Fine, this book explores the very essence of golf — hazards. Golf courses without hazards would not be fun, enjoyable or challenging. Hazards represent the most memorable elements to any golf experience. Chapters include a look at the "Top 20 Hazards," philosophies of legendary golf architects, psychological aspects of hazards, restoration and opinions of modern designers. Hardbound, 308 pages with color insert.

On Course: A Dictionary of Words & Terms Used by Golf Course Architects
A small and concise size reference, but packed full of unique words used to describe all "things" concerning golf courses. Printed in MiniBük format (just 3.5 x 5 inches) this reference takes little space, yet helps completes any size library of golf or golf design. Included are explanations and origins for The Birriatz Hole, The Redan, Road Hole and individual bunkers at The Old Course and others. Submissions from golf course architects are included from throughout the world.


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