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Concho Valley Golf Club

Hole No.6
Hole No.6
Hole No.6
Hole No.9
Hole No.9
Hole No.10
Hole No.10
Hole No.11
Hole No.13

Scope: Planning; Design Plans; Construction Documents; and Construction Coordination

Budget: $1.7 Million (additional 9-holes, 1991)

Builder: Tiffany Construction

The story of Concho Valley Golf Club goes back to the 1970s when Arthur Jack Snyder designed the first 9-holes. His work gave birth to a pleasant course in the high plains of Arizona, just a short distance from the Painted Desert National Monument.

Twenty years later the development entity contacted Snyder and requested completion of the full 18-hole course. Adjustments were made to the routing plan by Forrest Richardson and Snyder. The result is an exciting moorland style course in a remote setting. Concho Valley's holes are configured in an out-and-back routing. The string of holes reaches its furthest point at the Hole Nos. 8 and 9, back-to-back par-5s.

Concho Valley is about passive, natural features. A classic style golf course which darts across the high country and follows the natural rolls of the land. Today, Hole Nos. 1-5 and 15-18 are from the original course, while Hole Nos. 6-14 were built in the 1990s.

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