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Proposed No.4 Hole
Proposed No.16 Hole

Site: Mohave County, Arizona

The Dells Golf Club is located in the high plateau of Northern Arizona about
an hour and a half southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. Forrest Richardson &
Associates teamed with DF Architecture of Phoenix to master plan more than
3,500 acres to be known as Silverado. This residential community will
eventually be home to 1000 houses, three neighborhood village centers and a
destination resort. The first golf course of two is The Dells, an 18-hole,
par-72 course situated amongst natural gravel dunes and craggy mountain
washes. The high desert setting is dotted with cactus, highland junipers and
stoney outcrops.

The concept for The Dells Course rests with classic golf architecture --
here, the golfer will find dramatic features sculpted by the hand of nature,
not of man. From the sheer cliff encountered at No. 4 -- its green perched
delicately on the edge -- to the giant ridges and hills which dot the
landscape, the course unfolds with hidden green sites and a roller coaster
of shots and challenges.

The opening holes are aimed purposefully at Hualapai Peak. From here golfers
are given their first glimpse of golf along the precarious cliff -- the
defining feature at The Dells. At the 4th we find a par-4, dangerously
following the cliff. The resting spot for the green is just inches away from
a hazardous fate. The 5th is a downhill par-3 to a distant green some
200-yards away. The 8th is a short -- but tricky -- par-3 to a hidden
canyon. The 9th brings to bear a par-4 with a nearly island green sitting
atop a small rise along the cliff. Peril looms on all sides. There is only
one spot to place a ball: either on the green or nowhere.

The back nine begins with an uphill par-4 to a bottleneck green. Wedged
between two knolls, this long green can barely be seen from the fairway.
Indeed, The Dells is raising its demanding challenge. The signature hole of
the back side is the 13th -- aptly named The Dell. A sister hole to the 5th
at Lahinch in Ireland, this par-3 plays to a bowl green secluded behind a
desert hill. Taking a clue from its counterpart across the Atlantic, a white
stone will mark the location of the concealed pin on each day.

The finish includes nearly anything a golfer could want: The 15th is a
reachable par-4 to a downhill green. The 16th a long par-3 to a fall-away
green. At 17th there are two dry washes to cross. And, finally, at the 18th
we can reach the green in two -- but disaster lurks for those who try and

Fairways are wide at The Dells. Options abound. The golfer is not relegated
to target fairways and narrow paths. You can play right, left, short or over
-- each hole requires a series of careful calculations. The views are
magnificent. The air pure. And the golf unlike any other course in the West.
This is pure golf...the golfer gets to choose the path to the hole in the
same way that the great courses of the British Isles have been demanding for
the better part of 500 years.

Rounding out The Dells is a world class clubhouse -- a village concept which
includes a pub, a grill, a modest clubhouse and a cluster of nearby casitas
for overnight stays. It is here, within these personal oases, that the
golfer can get away from it all. Fire pits, outdoor showers, and hot tubs
complete the ultimate golf experience. Whether one chooses to sit in the pub
and relive the round, or to barbeque steaks on an open pit fire in the
privacy of their own courtyard , the experience is all about tranquility and
the love of golf.

The Dells -- Classic Golf In Arizona's High Desert

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